asgard design дизайн студия
asgard design дизайн студия


Baltika Business Centre
Re-design of the corporate identity

The project was initiated by the new managing company, which set its objective at achieving much higher quality of service. We proposed to avoid direct associations with marine themes and use instead the most advantageous aspects of the centre's architecture and location. The easily recognizable semi-circular façade of the building, which is seen from a long distance, has become the inspiration for the new graphic sign. The logotype was developed in both Latin and Cyrillic typefaces. Having rejected blue colour traditionally used in the corporate identity systems of St. Petersburg business centres, we chose a vibrant red.

The building is clearly divided into two sections, which go in different directions from the reception room. We named them "eastern wing" and "western wing" and assigned them red and aqua colours respectively. This was reflected in the system of signage and made navigation around the building considerably easier.

The new identity is decidedly businesslike and transparent and is in line both with the organizational changes and changes in the interior after the centre's reconstruction.

Asgard_Брендинг_Фирменный стиль_Ребрендинг логотипа
Asgard Branding Agency_Corporate Identity_reception design
Asgard_Брендинг_Фирменный стиль_оформление рисепшн
Asgard_Брендинг_Фирменный стиль_стойка рисепшн
Asgard_Брендинг_Фирменный стиль_дизайн внутренней вывески
Asgard_Брендинг_Фирменный стиль_Разработка внутренней навигации
Asgard_Брендинг_Фирменный стиль_навигация бизнес центра
Asgard_Брендинг_Фирменный стиль_Элемент внутренней навигации
Asgard_Брендинг_Фирменный стиль_Разработка внутренней навигации / офисные таблички
Asgard_Брендинг_Фирменный стиль_Дизайн визитных карточек
Asgard_Брендинг_Фирменный стиль_Оформление входной группы
Asgard_Брендинг_Фирменный стиль_флаги на фасаде
Asgard_Брендинг_Фирменный стиль_Дизайн и верстка сайта
Art Director / David Avakyan
Design / David Avakyan, Olga Loseva, Dmitry Savelyev, Olga Vologzhaninova
Project Manager / Irina Lavrenko

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